The Go Figure Story

Posted by Michael Leonard on Aug 14, 2018 8:35:29 AM

We Needed It, So We Built It

The story behind Go Figure, the contractor’s mobile office, is simple. We needed it, so we built it. Unlike the majority of construction software, apps, and tools on the market, Go Figure was built by contractors, for contractors. Our pain became the construction market’s solution to a variety of measuring, estimating, and sales conversion challenges. But let’s back up a little bit and start at the beginning.

The Go Figure Story begins at a successful construction renovation company on the north shore of Massachusetts. Business was good, but can always be better. Managers began digging into assorted pieces of data to identify new opportunities for additional growth and profit. They soon focused on estimating and closing processes as an area of opportunity. Estimating processes utilized the old fashioned tape measure and pencil approach, took an exorbitant amount of time, and limited the number of estimates and subsequent proposals their in-demand estimators could generate any given week. Sales conversion also appeared to be an area of high effort with low return, with conversion rates historically tracking between 15-20%. In a nutshell the company was spending too much time estimating, and wasn’t closing as many jobs as they could.

The company’s managers—one of whom has a background in software development—put forth the vision for a new tool. What if we built a tool that would allow our estimators to arrive onsite and estimate, propose, and possibly close the job on the spot using nothing more than a mobile device? After laying forth the tool requirements and exploring the technical feasibility of the tool, our software team was brought on board to bring things to fruition.

Soon, the first version of the Go Figure app was developed and ready for testing. But will it work? Was this worth the investment? A bit nervously, Go Figure was rolled out to the company’s estimators for field testing. Within just a few weeks it was clear we were on to something. Measuring and estimating processes now took minutes—not hours. Sales conversion rates skyrocketed, quickly approaching 50%. Estimating accuracy reached more than 95%. Waste was down, and profits were up. Customers provided positive feedback, describing estimating and onsite proposal processes as fast, accurate, and extremely professional in comparison to how other contractors had approached the job. Realizing the potential this tool held for other contractors and estimators, it was decided to spin the app up for general availability.

And now the benefits of the Go Figure app are available for all contractors to enjoy. No more tape measure. No more long turnaround times for proposals. No more expensive estimating tools that still don’t solve the sales conversion problem. With Go Figure, estimating and closing become greatly simplified, delivering higher sales and larger profit margins.

You’re welcome.

About Go Figure

Bid more. Close more. Faster.

Go Figure delivers a new way to estimate, propose, and close exterior remodeling jobs. No more pencils and tape measures, no more wasted time. Let a simple app do the work for you to save time and money and increase close rates.

Quick Facts:

  • Estimate jobs in minutes not hours
  • Deliver accurate proposals on the spot
  • Increase close rates to 50% or higher

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